Meyer Forest Management
Ron Meyer, Consulting Forester


            My name is Ron Meyer and I am a Consulting Forester. I opened Meyer Forest Management in January 2009 after a nearly twenty-two year career with the Kentucky Division of Forestry, I now provide private consulting forestry services to landowners, businesses, and communities. Far too many times I have seen landowners, trying to manage their own timber sale, fall short of expectations. As a consulting forester, I will provide you the full service assistance needed to successfully carry-out your forestry operations. Services that I can provide include selling your timber for top dollar, forest inventories, appraising your timber, appraising damages due to timber theft or trespass, developing forest management plans, and performing forest stand improvement projects. 

What is a Consulting Forester?
            A consulting forester is a professional forester with a minimum of a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from an accredited university. A consulting forester is a private businessman/woman able to assist clients in many ways a state or federally employed forester cannot. A consulting forester works for you, the landowner, to carry out your forestry related objectives in a fair, ethical, professional manner. A true consultant’s primary business activity is in forestry consulting, not as a sideline to other activities.
Why hire a Consulting Forester?
            Selling timber is a tricky proposition. Will you know if you get a fair price for your timber? Will you know what you are selling and how much? Can you protect your interests during a timber sale? A good consultant knows the answers to these questions. You may sell timber once or twice in your life; a consultant is working in the timber market everyday. This knowledge and experience assures you top dollar for your timber.


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